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16th FINA World Sports Medicine Congress

“Optimising Performance & Promoting Health”

7th and 8th April 2008   -   Manchester, UK

How can I optimize aquatic performance?     How can I prevent shoulder injury?
What are the health benefits of swimming?     What is the latest news in anti-doping?

These are some of the many questions that will be addressed at the 16th FINA World Sports Medicine Congress to be held on April 7-8, 2008 in Manchester, UK in conjunction with the 9th FINA World Swimming Championships 25m.

“Optimising Performance and Promoting Health” will focus on optimising performance of the elite aquatic athlete of all disciplines, utilising the latest sports medicine and science opinion and research.

There will also be a parallel Congress addressing the broader health benefits of swimming in the general population, encouraging participation and continuing this throughout life as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The Congress will be held at the Manchester Conference Centre, a modern conference facility located in the centre of the city with state of the art amenities including two comfortable lecture theatres, a number of conference and seminar rooms and an exhibition space.

Whilst few places in the world share Manchester's sporting pedigree there's much more to see than just sport.

From budget B & Bs to five star hotels the city is bursting with choice and great value for money. And if you come to Manchester for the Congress it would be a tragedy to miss the city sights - not forgetting the museums, galleries, theatres, shopping and unforgettable nightlife. There's also the finest food and drink in one of the most vibrant cafe bar, gastro pub and restaurant scenes in the UK.

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