9th FINA World Swimming Championships 2008 9th-13th april / M.E.N. Arena / Manchester HOME
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Manchester 2008 Podcasts

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The world is coming to Manchester in April 2008 for a swimming championships like they've never seen before. Click on the podcasts below to see and hear how they will take shape.

Astralpool build Melbourne - Video

Astralpool will be building 2 temporary pools in the MEN Arena in Manchester for the world championships. See how they built a 50m pool in Melbourne in the Rod Laver Arena on centre court for the 2007 world championships.

Astralpool build Shanghai - Video

In 2006 Astralpool built 2 temporary pools for the world championships in Shanghai's Qi-Zhong Stadium - watch a speeded up timelapse of the build.

The Organisers - Audio

Here the organisers of the 9th FINA World Swimming Championships talk about promising 'sporting theatre' with the event being held in the world's most popular concert venue - the M.E.N Arena.